Think safe; Work safe; Be safe

The safety and well-being of staff is paramount at Lordgate and we make every effort to ensure Lordgate is a hazard free place to work, and that employees are trained to work in a safe way.

health & safetyAll staff are provided with Personal Protective Equipment and machinery is suitably maintained and guarded to minimise the risk of injury.  Lordgate employees maintain a high level of awareness for health & safety, reporting potential hazards and working in the safest possible manner.

Lordgate has an established 5S programme to keep the workplace organised and hazard free.  Work areas are controlled with the use of Risk Assessments and COSHH reviews.  The use of machinery is performed by trained individuals, forklift drivers are all licensed and approved by the RTITB.

Our premises are equipped with an integrated fire alarm system which is tested weekly.  Fire safety procedures are reviewed regularly by staff trained to act as Fire Officers.