Lordgate provides services to a range of industries for which it is necessary to adhere to specific quality standards.  We are certified to manufacture products for the rail and aerospace industries, including the welding of safety critical components:Micrometer - Quality Assurance

QMS: ISO 9001:2015
Rail: RISQS Verified Supplier Number:
Welding: BS EN 15085-2
Welding Operators: BS EN ISO 9606 Parts 1 & 2, BS EN 15614-2004
Non-Destructive Testing: CSWIP 3.0, CSWIP Level 2 PT (Gen), PCN Level 2D PT (Gen)


In order to prevent issues before they occur, and identify areas of improvement Lordgate adhere to an internal audit schedule that aims to minimise risks, and to further the capabilities of production by analysing all business processes for their efficiency and effectiveness.

We welcome visits from our customers to demonstrate our abilities and discuss specific quality requirements.

Calipers - Quality AssuranceFirst Article Inspection

As part of the introduction of any new product we perform a First Article Inspection to confirm the finished article’s fitness for purpose, its conformance to all customer requirements, and adherence to all required national and international regulations. The First Article Inspection also allows a comprehensive review of the manufacturing method for its suitability.

A full report of the inspection, including traceability of materials and equipment is generated and can be supplied either digitally, or as a hard copy if required.