We are proud to confirm that Lordgate Engineering has carried out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment, and put in place measures to protect our workforce from the threat of Coronavirus.

Staying COVID-19 Secure

Following a shut down period of 5 weeks, a comprehensive risk assesment has been put together, and actions have been carried out to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within the facilities.

2m social distancing is adhered to throughout the entire facility and this is sustainable after the reduction in government guidelines (1m+).

One way systems, office/work area layout changes, and restrictions on personnel numbers in common areas have been implemented to prevent unnecessary contact.

A “COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protection Handbook” has been produced and provided to all staff as they return from furlough. This provides the entrire workforce with information on how Lordgate is dealing with the pandemic, and what can be expected of both the company, and individuals.

Our risk assessment is regularly reviewed for it’s relevance, and comprehensiveness; ensuring we have considered all guidelines and requirements ongoing.

A copy of the full risk assessment is available for viewing below:

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