As a regular visitor (and I’m sure you are a regular visitor!) to Lordgate’s website you may have noticed some changes around here.

And if you’re not a regular visitor then you can take my word for it, there have been some changes.

We here at Lordgate recognised that our website was a little clunky to use on modern day computing devices, and it didn’t hold a particularly detailed set of information about what we do.  With that in mind, we thought it best to bring it up to date with today’s standards.

So What’s Changed?

The new site has been a long time in development, and has been undergoing some initial live testing but we are now proud to announce its official launch.

Firstly, we’ve made the site easier to navigate.  Our home page gives an at-a-glance set of information and you can now easily access any page using the menu at the top of the page.

Most importantly though, the content has been updated.  Have a look around to find key information about all the Services we offer (go on… There may be something you didn’t know about us). You can find examples of components we can produce on our Industries Page, and view our commitment to quality initiatives on our Quality Pages.

As a brand new addition to our Lordgate’s online presence we’ve added a blog so if you’re kind enough to pop back periodically you’ll be able to read all the latest News from your favourite Engineering company.

It’s all very exciting and we hope you’ll have a good look around, perhaps learning something new about Lordgate.

And of course, if you’d like to enquire about a project you think we can help with, or you’d like to send us some feedback then hit the link to Get In Touch.

Lordgate Logo - New website

ps. Don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn!


  • Hazel Tweed

    This is a little weird, but on doing some extensive gardening this morning we dug up a large box with your name and St Ives, Cambs address on it, also on a stainless steel plate is engraved FM3085 along with LE 1106/ and 299, 13.0 kg some of it unclear.
    We are not sure where its come from or what it was for, can say it was in fairly good condition considering it had been buried with roots growing over, was disappointed not to find the gold bullion inside, it was empty.
    Can you throw any light on this piece of “treasure” before goes to the dump.

    • Tom Hoyle

      Hi Hazel,
      Lordgate did used to be based in St Ives until a few years ago, my guess is that it’d be something that we’ve manufactured but I have no idea how or why it’s ended up in your garden!
      I’ll ask around and see if I can find out some information about the box. Could you send some photos of the box to

    • Tom Hoyle

      Hi again Hazel,
      I’ve done some digging (figuratively, not literally) and think I have some history. Following Lordgate’s move to it’s current site, the old site was bulldozed for development, it’s very likely that the box you found was some old stock that didn’t get moved to the new site and was left for nature to take its course.
      From the description you gave it sounds like it’s a storage container that was manufactured for a large airline company for use on their planes. Sadly it’s very unlikely that anyone would consider it “treasure” so I think the dump may be the box’s most suitable destiny!
      Thanks for getting in touch and I hope your gardening is going well,

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