Today we have the pleasure of welcoming a new member to our team as an intern.Lordgate Intern

Roshan is studying a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Kent and has agreed to spend his placement year with us, learning what it’s like in a working engineering environment.

Whilst he’s here Roshan will be experiencing each department to get a full picture of what goes on at Lordgate, learning about Project Engineering, Manufacturing, Materials & Supply Chain, Assembly, Inspection, and Quality Assurance among other areas.

To start with though, we’ve entrusted Roshan into the care of our Design Engineer who will be keeping him busy with our current design work and showing him what’s involved with putting together a working design that meets both customer, and regulatory requirements.

We trust that Roshan will have a great time here at Lordgate and hope that the next 10 months will be a great insight into the Engineering World.

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